Stay Safe!


Course Outline

Real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges. The Stay Safe!  program teaches applicable and age-appropriate skills, while increasing  and reinforcing a youth’s capacity to improve his or her own safety.  Whether in their community or on their own, this group will be given  better tools to Stay Safe! in a variety of different situations.


Age 9-13

Course Content

  • Importance of responsibility and respect while being accountable for yourself
  • Importance of setting and following rules around safety when staying on your own
  • How to stay safe at home and within the community
  • How to prepare, recognize and respond to unexpected situations, (i.e. inclement weather, strangers, unanticipated visits) 
  • First Aid Content:
    • Check, Call, Care (includes phoning EMS/911), recovery position,  conscious choking (adult/child/alone), feeling unwell, asthma (includes  use of inhaler and spacer), anaphylaxis (includes use of EpiPen),  poisoning, insect stings, wound care (i.e. minor cuts and scrapes,  splinters, nosebleeds, bumps and bruises, life-threatening bleeding,  burns)

Cost: $45 per person plus GST